We have crafted purpose-driven solutions for specific industry challenges using our patented, full-stack machine intelligence platform. Our current area of focus is network management and vertical industry of focus is telecom and IoT.

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Mobile operators can reduce OPEX significantly because Pervazive Predictive Analytics solutions help reduce service outages and provide better service to end-users; eventually reducing
customer churn
. Predictive Analytics solution makes fault management a predictable, data-driven decision; rather than a reactive, human experience driven decision.

Predictive Analytics

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Mobile Operators can significantly shorten MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) by 400% and increase network availability because Pervazive Curative Analytics automatically fixes network device faults Curative Analytics solution does this by applying statistical correlation techniques on human and system data from network devices and their management software.

Curative Analytics

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Pervazive’s powerful, machine intelligence solution provides personalized offers in real-time for targeted subscribers impacted by Network Quality Degradation. The value of the solution is not just personalized offers; it is not just real-time subscriber life-time value computation; it is not just predicting network performance degradation for individual subscriber; it is the intersection of all these three – that provides compelling insights to a telecom carrier by bridging traditional data siloes of operations and marketing.

Real time revenue assurance